Artists for the Earth (A4E)

Climate change is an emergency that demands immediate, responsive mobilization according to artists and performing artists of the A4E Collective [Artists for the Earth Collective, housed within CEC].  A4E members proactively reach out with community education through their art work and most especially, climate change-themed art exhibits, related gallery talks, etc.  Check them out:

"Art in a Climate of Change"  - a month-long themed art exhibition from 15 February to 22 March 2020 at *The Blank SL8 Gallery, 10 E University Ave, Gainesville, Florida 32601 [for map, see eventbrite link for 22 March closing reception tickets]. 

"Artists for the Earth"   - a month-long member art exhibition from 23 March to 22 April 2020 at **Prana Rx Tea House & Gallery, 4701 SW College Rd Suite 106, Ocala, FL 34474 [for map, see eventbrite link for Earth Day, 22 April free tickets] 

 "Reflections on Changing Climates - a month-long A4E exhibition kicking off the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in Gainesville Event” at Black C Art Gallery in Gainesville.   

Gallery talks and gallery based events create new opportunities for climate change advocates to partner with the arts in spreading their message.  Most prominent among these are Physicians for Social Responsibility [PSR]; joined by Elders Climate Action, Citizens Climate Lobby, Sierra Club, Laudato Sí Generation, etc.

Events in the series include:

 6 - 9 pm,  28  February 2020 - Gainesville Arts Walk reception & open house                                                “Art in a Climate of Change” at Blank SL8 in Gainesville.

1 pm,  12 March 2020 -  PSR & the CDC on Art, Climate & Health”                                                                     at Blank SL8 in Gainesville.

3 pm,  15 March 2020  -  “Art in a Climate of Change:  an exhibition overview”                                                at Blank SL8 in Gainesville.

7 pm,  18 March 2020   -  “3 Artists Changing Climates:  Jean Arnold, Bridget Cohen, & Gina White”             at Blank SL8 in Gainesville.

3 pm,  20 March 2020   -  “Kuno: syncretic artist in a changing climate”                                                             at Blank SL8 in Gainesville.

3 pm,  21 March 2020   -  “Changing Artists:  Mike Donovan, Debbie Gilbert”                                                    at Blank SL8 in Gainesville. 

7 pm,  22 March 2020   -  Ticketed Closing Reception & Silent Auction at the Blank SL8 Gallery -  The Host Committee includes PSR members:  Randy Batista, Dr. Cliff Cockerham, Dr. Sherry Cummings, Dr. Barb Kilbourne, Dr. Linda Lanier, and Dr. Todd Sack.


4 pm,  8  April 2020 -  “Artists for the Earth:  a Climate Change art exhibition overview”                                   at Prana Rx in Ocala.

4 pm,  11 April 2020 -  “Artist for the Earth: Kuno addresses climate change”                                                     at Prana Rx in Ocala.

4 pm,  15 April 2020 -  “Contrasting Artists for the Earth:  Mike Donovan and Debbie Gilbert”                           at Prana Rx in Ocala.

4 pm,  18 April 2020 -  “3 Changing Perspectives: Arnold, Cohen, & White”                                                            at Prana Rx in Ocala.

4 pm,  22 April 2020 -  "Artists for the Earth Exhibition, an Earth Day 50th Anniversary in Ocala”*** at Prana Rx in Ocala.   

5 pm, 22 April 2020  -  "Reflections on Changing Climates, an Earth Day 50th Anniversary in Gainesville " at Black C Art Gallery in Gainesville.   


A4E members showing in these exhibitions include:

Jean Arnold


Cliff Cockerham  Climate Ambassador, Physicians for Social Responsibility;  volunteer, Artists for the Earth, Earth Day International; volunteer, World Citizen Artist 


Bridget Cohen


    Mike Donovan, 

Sweetwater Print Cooperative 


Debbie Burke Gilbert


Codi Hodson


Kevin Hyde


Kuno [James Martin]


Dan McCarthy

Princella Talley

Gina White


Sara Wolcott




***Culminating events on 22 April 2020 may be found on the international Earth Day calendar for Ocala and Gainesville, FL 

To be eligible to join the A4E Collective at CEC, artists & performing artists must already be a member of Artists for the Earth, the international organization of artists committed to supporting the global Earth Day Network. 

Some commendable like-minded efforts include:

Hong Kong's "Disruptive Matter" exhibit 










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