Stopping Trump's "Climate Campaign"

For those who know we are in a real climate emergency, Donald J. Trump’s presidential victory comes as a devastating shock and blow, as he intends to eviscerate climate protection and ramp up fossil fuel extraction. The world needs to be cutting carbon drastically now, yet the United States is accelerating towards the brick wall of climate chaos. Is there any plausible climate emergency response worth considering in this deepening crisis?

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Standoff at Standing Rock

A dramatic standoff in North Dakota continues between the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the Dakota Access oil pipeline project. This direct threat to the tribe’s drinking water, to their rightful sovereignty, and to cultural heritage sites that include a sacred burial ground are being closely followed and supported by the climate change and justice movements. 

With representation from more than 100 tribes in one of the largest Native American protests in history, violent attacks on protesters by security dogs and numerous instances of macing have drawn considerable criticism, profound concern, and a strong expression of solidarity with the tribe.   

When President Obama, the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army, and the Department of the Interior stepped in to temporarily halt the project, activists celebrated. 

But, this pause is no victory. 

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MacArthur’s $100M Award: Can Philanthropy Be David To The Fossil Fuel Goliath?

 Today we already live in the middle of a genuine climate emergency. Yet is this perceived, understood, or discussed anywhere?  Despite the overwhelming case, little is being done to eliminate the fossil fuel Goliath and stabilize our climate.

With government gridlocked and business even adding more sand to the gears, policy responses are ridiculously inadequate. Can Philanthropy be the David to the fossil fuel’s Goliath? Where else can we find the influence and resources that could fulfill a David role and support a coordinated, broad-based people’s campaign? Who else could create the “slingshot heard round-the-world” to down the behemoth? 

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