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Released to coincide with nationwide climate marches on April 29th - and now co-sponsored by the People’s Climate March - Climageddon is unlike any preceding global warming warning book.   

Climageddon radically disrupts what most informed individuals currently believe. In its new model for our destabilizing climate (the Climageddon Scenario,) it uses big data analytic methodologies to predict the likely progression of global warming consequences rapidly coming our way.

Climageddon is a comprehensive tour-de-force loaded with dozens of illustrations that make complex climate processes easier to understand. It pushes readers to rethink outdated or inaccurate ideas about how global warming will really affect their families, finances, physical security, and future.

Climageddon is a 180° turn-about from the usual information found in most global warming books. In May 2006, Al Gore stated in An Inconvenient Truth that we had “10 years left to avoid a tailspin of epic proportions involving extreme weather of all kinds.” Ten years later we have missed Gore’s action targets; we are experiencing that extreme weather; and Climageddon now says we have 6 to 10 years to avoid complete irreversible global warming, which unchecked will eventually lead to extinction.

A few of Climageddon’s well-documented positions and conclusions:


Source: Climageddon

  • Global warming is much worse than is being portrayed and its effects are coming faster and with more ferocity than anyone is prepared for.    
  • The common belief that gradual progress is adequate for global warming reduction is completely misguided. 
  • Current global warming progression and risk assessments are hiding rapidly approaching risk levels. Disruption is coming for our markets, businesses, nations, and families.
  • We are already in an undeclared global warming State of Emergency, and it's too late for organizing grassroots bottom-up solutions. 
  • Hundreds of trillions of dollars will be lost by the individuals, businesses, and nations most uninformed and unprepared for the massive changes coming. Even worse, the most expensive and devastating global warming consequences will not occur in 40 to 80 years as we are being told. They are already occurring and more will occur in less than half that time.
  • If we are lucky, we have another 6 to 10 years left to make the costly, painful, and radical changes needed to prevent losing whatever remaining control we have left to prevent irreversible global warming from becoming an inevitability. (Those critical changes are described in prioritized and sequenced action steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan found in Climageddon.) 
  • If we fail to respond immediately and irreversible global warming occurs, extinction-level global warming will follow.
  • There is a clear and final global warming battle line we must not cross. It is very near, and staying on the safe side of that line will be the greatest adaptive challenge humanity has ever faced.

If we successfully execute the actions described in the Job One for Humanity Plan and we complete those actions within the critical 2026 deadlines, our civilization should survive, and eventually our world will recover from the damage we have already created 

Just as global warming has become the great disruptor of the 21st-century, Climageddon will be the great disruptor of much of what we believe about global warming and much of what we are failing to do.

EMERGENCY_image_500.jpgThere is little doubt that word-of-mouth will make this book a must-have, must-read for those interested in global warming issues and education. It will also become a must-read for individuals and businesses that will be severely impacted by the rapidly unfolding Climageddon Scenario such as investment bankers, stock and commodity investors, city, corporate, and government planners.  It is crucial for farmers, business, and real estate investors.  The content of Climageddon must be understood by intelligence agency risk and threat analysts, and by relevant futurists.

Gradualism related to our Climate Crisis is deadly. Either we declare that our Climate Crisis is an emergency or we give up any chance for humanity's future. Most of life would perish with us, as well.

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Anyone attending the People’s Climate March in DC or its sister marches (or anyone wanting to go but unable to attend) can get a free copy of Climageddon. Until midnight May 1st, you can receive a free Climageddon copy – just email [email protected] and ask for the free eBook. Download instructions will be sent to you.

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