Climate Emergency Coalition


I heartily support the Climate Emergency Coalition and its work to shift philanthropy to organizations and initiatives fighting the threats to humanity brought by climate change. 


The Climate Emergency Coalition furthers the public conversation so the need for mobilization is quickly perceived; additionally, it creates a pathway for organizations to shift their missions to mobilization. Critically, the CEC provides coordination, talking points, and curriculum for groups who understand that only an emergency mobilization can suffice. The CEC seeks to dramatically expand the size and urgency of the existing Climate Movement, while focusing its efforts on Net Zero US Emissions within a decade. The Climate Emergency Coalition Fund attracts more funding opportunities than groups might find separately. Join by taking the Climate Emergency Coalition Sign-On (organizations / individuals).

A core program of the CEC is a Climate Emergency Coalition Campaign that will offer personal, face-to-face engagement and moral conversations in tens of thousands of faith and civic spaces across the US—to awaken, galvanize, and organize citizens. Explaining must be personal and interactive, not only virtual or social media. The Campaign ignites those 3-4%, the “trailblazers” who will join and fuel the CEC.

Sign-On (organizations / individuals) and join the action. Then ask others to join in.

National Campaign Director: Cliff Cockerham

Climate Emergency Coalition has 501c3 sponsorship through Association for the Tree of Life.

Download PDF: Climate Emergency Coalition flyer


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  • Rob Metters
    commented 2016-08-15 05:03:01 -0700
    Need to bring organizations like Regeneration International and Soil not Oil and Soil 4 Climate into the coaliton.Agricultural practices must be transformed to utilize carbon storing methodology,to save the human race from extinction.Very pivotal issue.