Goals and Strategies


  • Awaken, educate, and galvanize the public to the Climate Emergency and then organize citizens, journalists, and influencers to push for effective responses.
  • Create a national conversation about the Climate Emergency.
  • Build a strong, unified national “Emergency Climate Movement” in the United States with a broad coalition of groups and members, calling for a Declaration of Global Warming State of Emergency and effective policy responses leading to an Emergency Climate Mobilization.
  • Awaken philanthropy to a Paul Revere role and to supporting the Emergency Climate Movement.
  • Achieve a Declaration of Global Warming State of Emergency.
  • Have an Emergency Climate Mobilization underway in the US as soon as possible, whose goal is to achieve Net Zero US Carbon Emissions within a decade, and worldwide within fifteen years.


  • Inform journalists, bloggers, and influencers of the Climate Emergency, and ask them to amplify the call for a declared Climate Emergency.
  • Engage activists to push on influencers and philanthropy.
  • Bring significant parts of the public to understand the present Climate Emergency through a face-to-face, personal, and interactive educational campaign in the US, to demand policies that can bring us to zero carbon ASAP. The CEC is proposing a Climate Emergency Coalition Campaign, with moral conversation events in tens of thousands of faith social halls and civic spaces. Event participants will be invited to sign the petition, join the coalition, and build the movement.
  • Gather petition signatures to achieve a Declaration of Global Warming State of Emergency.

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