I heartily support the Climate Emergency Coalition and its work to shift philanthropy to organizations and initiatives fighting the threats to humanity brought by climate change. 


The world is in a genuine climate emergency, yet this is not perceived, understood, or discussed. We must quickly get the emergency into the news cycle and conversation. The case is overwhelming for an Climate and Ecological Emergency Campaign, as an overriding national priority. The aim is zero emissions within a decade in the US, feasible with an all-out mobilization—that is, a restructuring of our economy at rapid speed. Mobilization of our nation’s people, resources, and economy to slash our fossil fuel use is necessary for a viable future.

Thus the absolute necessity of getting the emergency into the cultural conversation.

With the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement, world leaders started to awaken to the enormous risks we face. Yet nations’ intentions—with reductions postponed and huge fossil fuel incentives still in place—mean a vast heat blanket, way beyond Paris's 1.5-2°C goal. A central assumption for meeting the target involves the massive deployment of to draw CO2 from the atmosphere decades from now. But to actually deliver on 2°C, an immediate, dramatic fossil fuel phase out is needed—there’s simply no remaining carbon budget.

The U.S. must also provide low-carbon assistance for the developing world, so it avoids the carbon pathway. Climate change is an immense crisis, but it is also an immense opportunity to build a just world that works for all.

We must quickly drive an open, factual national conversation, to achieve a US consensus on this climate mobilization as quickly as possible. Public engagement must be galvanized through: (1) an extensive warning initiative, (2) a “Balance Broadcast Center,” and (3) civil discourse gatherings so that Americans perceive the Realities facing all of us. The Center could enable individuals and groups to interact with each other, suggest content, ask questions, and get best-practice answers so that viability can viralize. Public gatherings will offer personal, face-to-face dialogue in thousands of faith and civic spaces across the nation to awaken and engage citizens.

Philanthropy is the cultural agent to fulfill a "Paul Revere" role in shifting public perceptions and national dialogue by underwriting this extensive warning and engagement campaign. But it must be awakened to its necessary role. Take action to awaken philanthropy here.

The Climate Emergency Coalition creates a pathway for existing organizations to shift their missions to mobilization; additionally, it furthers the public conversation and opens the space for the mobilization to take root. The Coalition provides a structure to unite the disparate parts of the climate movement, so the collective voices of the grassroots groups across the nation can be amplified with a national call for effective policies.

In spite of what is needed, the Trump Administration has launched a concerted campaign to unleash the fossil fuel industry and end all climate protection, essentially putting the US and world on the road to climate catastrophe. The Trump agenda must be stopped.

Importantly, realize that it only takes 3-4% of engaged, impassioned citizens—those most concerned—to transform the situation.

Sign petition to Declare a Global Warming State of Emergency.

Now is our moment. This is our call to greatness.
Join us in standing for our future.


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  • sohan shah
    @sohansh02195669 tweeted link to this page. 2019-04-05 22:21:07 -0700
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  • Abe Martin
    commented 2019-03-18 11:25:15 -0700
    The entire new green deal proposals and the one just past in NM do not go far enough fast enough. There is no excuse and these proposals are merely to appear as if we are treating a national-worldwide epidemic/emergency with a token of care appeasing the pre-occupied masses of serfs whilst the greediest psychopaths continue to make sure they make more monetary methadone for themselves as the money addicts that they are. The climate issue should be treated as a national-planetary emergency as is in war time when all threats are dealt with swiftly. In stead those same powers have been going in the opposite direction using E.domain and other newly legislative green lighting for extraction infrastructure i.e N. Dakota and the Tar sands lines green lighted in the north. And nothing to address the mega toxic food farming and animal methane. No hick up in the rogue MIC bombing across the world, loss unaccounted for trillions of the Pentagon, no change in the chem trail assault, nothing. While this should be dealt with NOW ! as if we were invaded by aliens not 10- 20 -30 years of plans, I believe are orchestrated to – intended to quiet -passify the public. We may as well all accept that we are in a hybridized concentration camp being killed off slowly, because that is what special interests and profit$ at all costs are doing. We must do it by boycotting and giving up convenances which cost us our health and the planet. The key of power is not in the legislatures and politicions’ but in the consumer $. No demand No market No $ guess what NO climate destructive industry ! To simple for the people to embrace ? We have collectively created this due to our decades long indiscriminate consumption complicit with the destruction. We have to be the change. Imagine what would happen if even 75% of the ppl boycotted 75% of plastic consumption. If 75% of the ppl decreased their fuel consumption by 90% ? If 75% of the ppl decreased their industrial food consumption and meat and dairy by 75% ! Well based on the stats of SES they will be forced too in the near future especially when the next crash comes in 2020.
  • Sunny Thompson
    followed this page 2019-03-18 09:44:51 -0700
  • Patty Mattos
    commented 2018-03-23 11:38:20 -0700
    I loved your content, it brings me a lot of knowledge #thanks #nice
  • Sudhir Sajwan
    commented 2017-04-21 20:57:52 -0700
    Oh my God how can we so callous about our environment. If we shall not do something right now we shall have to repent and our coming generations shall never forgive us. Sudhir Sajwan, President Happy Earth Mission
  • Sudhir Sajwan
    commented 2016-09-13 02:05:56 -0700
    Yes very much. It’s our duty to think and fight against Global warming. Our joint efforts can still make some change.
  • Brian Smith
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-08-05 07:53:35 -0700
    About your nation
  • Carol Barker Spriggs
    commented 2016-08-03 11:59:34 -0700
    It is past time for government to realize we have a very serious problem and also the non-believing people of the world to wake up and save this planet. It is the ONLY ONE we have.
  • Sudhir Sajwan
    commented 2016-07-10 21:53:17 -0700
    It’s the high time when we should think about to save our environment otherwise it shall be too late. Eachone should plant a tree and try to reduce emission of Carbon gases.