Princella Talley is a lifelong photographer who works for the Citizens Climate Lobby in Washington, DC.



"Mojave 1"  and  "Mojave 2"  - Finding beauty in the midst of climate impacts inspires me to photograph images in a way that challenges my objectivity and understanding. Being aware of the relationship between the collapsing bird population in the Mojave Desert and climate change, I sought perspectives that appreciated the majestic landscapes and mountains sculpted by nature’s artistry. The deep contrast, colors, and angles allowed me to pay homage to the fragile ecosystem while each detail complements the surrounding elements."


"Barren Land"  - When I photographed the Barren Land, my goal was to capture a moment of isolation and emptiness that so many of us feel in our climate grief. These moments may not always be blatantly obvious. Sometimes, it’s the blowing of the wind, the blank spaces, and the silence that reminds us of the circumstances and anxiety climate change creates in our lives."


"Shattered History"  - As a photographer, capturing the shattered history left behind by a tornado in October 2018 in Pineville, Louisiana was a harsh reminder of how climate change impacts communities of color, destroying homes and family legacies built many many moons ago on the foundation of love. As the wreckage surrounding him remains visible, the subject is in front of his grandmother’s home, stoic yet resilient as a climate activist in the midst of tragedy. Their home could not be recovered, but their story will carry on as he moves forward to inspire the voices that are often unheard."

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